If you are a comic book fan then you are probably aware of the never ending battles that transpire between the fans of the industry’s juggernauts namely DC Comics and Marvel Entertainment.

There is really no formula to tell how one decides where he or she falls in the ensuing battle but there are those fans who claim they enjoy comics generally and want nothing to do with the fandom war and I respect such people for their neutrality but that does not give them the right to call us die hard fans irresponsible or childish.

I mean simply put this is similar to when two fans from rival football clubs meet, there is bound to be some lip fight …of course that does not mean we should make it physical but the fact remains that these rivalries are now part and parcel of the industry and thus if you love the industry as much as you claim you do, the least you can do is put up with them or even appreciate them.



Now to real business, my main aim for writing this article is to shed light on a phenomenon I have dubbed “the marvel complex”.Comic historians will verify that the company that begun the comic phenomenon was Dc comics with their famed Action comics #1 in which superman made his debut.

For decades Dc comics dominated the market and sometimes through brutal legal battles acquired characters from other companies (for example Fawcett comics from whom they acquired captain marvel currently known as Shazam who in the industry’s early days was the only  superhero character that outsold Superman),Dc’s power became absolute after a merger with the two other juggernauts of the time (All American Publications who published characters including the golden age flash and green lantern  and National Allied Publications who held rights to characters including wonder woman ).

This merger put DC on top  of the industry and they ruled with an iron fist….(so to speak).Around that time a small publishing house Timely comics was publishing comics featuring characters including the original human tourch, Namor the submariner  and by the time Timely rebranded to Atlas comics they had found success with Captain America but their major success would not come until the Fantastic Four made their debut in 1961.

A few years later DC would make a terrible mistake which resulted in them cancelling a few dozen ongoing series and resulting in an event referred to as the Dc implosion.

The Dc implosion almost ended the company giving Atlas who had by then become Marvel comics the window they needed to seize the industry with their new breed of more human and understandable characters as opposed to DC’s heavily powered and almost godlike heroes who formerly dominated the stands.DC would take time to recover but in that time marvel would solidify its spot as its biggest competitor.

Now after  an analysis of the events that led both companies to where they are now it is obvious that marvel only came to rise once DC fell.That is not to say there was not much effort from marvel’s side but the fact remains had it not been for the DC implosion it would have taken marvel at least a bit longer to get where they are now and this is where the complex sets in…


credit: DC Comics/Marvel Comics


As marvel owes some amount of its success to dc what that would have meant is in order for marvel to stay on top Dc would have to stay down.

The simple fact was and still is is that while marvel characters are awesome Dc’s stock are legendary.

In order to counter this marvel utilized the one weakness the Dc characters had, which was their lack of more human attributes and their nigh omnipotence with the likes of Stan Lee making degrading remarks about superman including statements like his flight has no scientific explanation (Stan lee disses Dc )  an issue which if even was true even in the early days of the industry by the time said comments were made Dc had already adapted and solved the issue(The explanation).

A few fans would say the explanation made little sense but I say it makes just as much sense as a man surviving lethal amounts of gamma radiation morphing into a raging beast and still managing to keep the most important parts of his tights intact.

Apart from that the era in which superman was made played a factor and timely gave less scientific reasons for their characters like Namor a fact Stan the man Lee conveniently forgot to mention.

These are among a few of the disgusting tactics marvel has used over the years to paint a rather repulsive image for dc and make them seem outdated and out of their league,something which is never true.

credit: DC Comics/ Marvel Comics

The use of such tactics would only come about as a result of an inferiority complex marvel still struggles with, which is why marvel fans take every opportunity to troll DC, an example been the recent DCEU and MCU comparisons which are quite frankly unfair.

The MCU has had more time to develop and has more movies in its lineup while the DCEU is still in it’s developing stages and has had barely 3 movies which were not half bad if compared to the first MCU movies in 2008.

As a result marvel now boasts of making the best movies in the industry forgetting their epic flops like those Ghost rider movies and even the current fantastic four movies which they conveniently attribute to Fox.

The fact is the rationale behind such comparisons are baseless and even if marvel is dominating the big screen DC owns the small screen (through the Flash and Arrow) their Animated movies are the best so far so I really doubt the phrase “DC sucks”  has any real facts to back it.

The may I see it as long as marvel doesn’t get over its inferiority complex the battles will rage on but despite whatever marvel throws at them DC were there when it started and they are still here now, that alone demands respect from any competing company and no matter their flaws the way things look they will continue to be on top for some time.


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