credit: Comic Republic

Africa’s time has come and it has come with a bang.We waited a long time but now Africa also has her own heroes to look up to,amazing people coming from all backgrounds ready to defend her young and oppressed.It is quite remarkable how in such a short time the a lot of new warriors from varied backgrounds have emerged.The likes of Strikeguard and Eru  are steadily gaining popularity as the African creative industry expands but I find that among the numerous illustrious characters I have encountered one chatty, free spirited teenage badass who appeals to me in a manner that very few African characters can replicate.Who do I speak of she is none other than Ireti Bedemi.


credit: Comic Republic

We first see Ireti chasing down a few small time thugs in a local market (a very typical and local African market at that!).She relentlessly pursues them and then delivers them justice hot and sweet though at the expense of their car (which was not much to write about anyway), but the point is immediately the story begins you can already relate and it is very easy to build a connection with Ireti as a character, she is after all your average day teen hustling in Uni and then by some bizarre turn of events she finds herself endowed with godly strength…if I were in her shoes I would not do any different but what sets her apart from many?


She is typical! Ireti does not have any extraordinary sense of justice that dictates she must be there to save anybody, neither does she have any creepy tragic back story and any of those guilt issues.

She is just your ordinary girl with Mommy and Daddy and bestie and bothersome lecturer issues……that is what I got after reading just  two issues.I am not a female but I do imagine she relates to her age group just nicely and she has a nice smirk to go with her flawless personality too!

In a nutshell she personifies the everyday African girl and her story just flows without the forceful addition of certain unnecessary elements.She wants to kick the crap out of criminals and she knows she doesn’t need spandex to do it she just gets up and does it.

She is young and confused like any other teen would be if put in her situation.It is obvious even her confidence is in question sometimes and she is so naive its hilarious (typical daddy’s girl).That does not necessarily mean the others suck,it just means she rocks!

credit: Comic Republic

read Ireti at comicrepulic

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