Anytime I stumble upon a new release I usually  find myself having particular expectations and especially concerning the young upcoming industry there are particular elements I expect to pop up here and there after reading a few Nigerian comics (#creative colonization) for those of you who know what I mean,that said there are a few  works out there that have succeeded in showcasing to the whole world the thrill of true unadulterated African art and creativity and among them is Visionary Ascension.

credit: Comic Republic

Just take a look at that beauty!Yes this is it,Visionary as a comic (really needs to be relabeled) comes with an unprecedented feel,a gritty and witty atmosphere that could only originate from Africa,a true African tale!

The comic opens in ancient Africa as Shango the African warrior god of thunder gloats over a defeated  Huisi who weeps over the death of his beloved Oya (who we are led to believe was killed by Shango).

The battle that then ensues afterwards is a thing of beauty as powers clash and the fury of gods are made bare. Huisi is inevitably defeated but after a brief dialogue with a mysterious voice within the mind of the battered warrior he “ascends” into a higher form Oxossi and Shango follows suit,the next scene brings us to present day Africa where a young boy wakes up to find himself in a hospital bed and been examined by doctors.

The comic ends leaving us in suspense and  having  you juiced up for more testifying to the brilliant writing that took place and the magnificent art that complimented it!


Visionary was a story told without been forced to conform to rules that would have just hindered the creative flow .It settled well with an African audience because it gave many African geeks what they had waited for for so long, real Africa brought to life in a modern ,awesome and dynamic fashion.The use of the Orisha didn’t hurt one bit, and their flawless modern but African design (especially Shango) was the icing on the cake.

credit: Comic Republic


Visionary Ascension proves that Africa on it’s own the way it is is cool, awesome and mind blowing. It illustrates the lack of the need for African superheroes and demonstrates the need for warriors, “African warriors” born of true Africa and the potential Africa has to change the scope of the industry globally. It definitely has my vote as the best African comi…..urm I mean folktale (that’s what it is labeled as) out there!

Read visionary ascension on the comicrepublic

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