Knights and Dragons, fair queens and vulgar tongued enigmas these are but a few of the ….novelties that have come to characterize the elaborate piece of writing that is Combula Crystalice.

Now at first glance though the art is good there are times when it does leave a bit to be desired…not to discredit the artist or anything its good,great even but can be better! even so the writing more than makes up for it.When you read the first chapter you think you have got this story pegged and that you already know what is going to happen from A-Z….just wait till you reach chapter 2…the characters are quite unorthodox to say the least but that simply adds to their charm,the story does not bend to any culture …one thing I love about it..even though it seems to start in a medieval setting as it progresses to be honest you get lost at least right now yes even though we have castles and knights the language from the characters alone disqualifies it as been medieval.

It nicely blends elements from both Asian and British mythologies though I am a bit disappointed I have not really spotted anything African about the story… but then again it never claimed to be an African story!

In a nutshell its an entertaining read for anyone who just loves a good story with characters of a caliber only stories of its nature can produce .So if you ever get an itch for something new and refreshing Combula crystalice is definitely your piece!

read Combula crystalice here be patient it takes a while to load!

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