Okay before I get into this I know what a lot of you are thinking ,its that wicked tongued writer with another article about how not African this character or that character is…..I promise that is not the case,I mean by now I think I have gotten my message out so as I write this article I promise no hating….cool?… this is  gonna be tough!….anyway back to business!!


As time passes our little industry expands and more geeks all over the world take notice of the phenomenon that is steadily taking the world by surprise so you have got to ask yourself are we getting tagged right?

The creativity that is brought to life through the valiant efforts of our industries pioneers in some cases is something completely unprecedented and as one of the core aims of their work is to show how impressive the African culture can be ,one would conclude that it is only appropriate that these magnificent works of art be given an African label that illustrates how African they really are?



Essentially giving these works a handle would make it quite easier to identify these stories and art with Africa, instead to them being simply branded as mere comicbooks a new handle for them would set them apart from what is produced in other parts of the world making them more visible and more appealing to the audience they are inevitably meant for.It would give our work its own identity much like “manga” does for the Japanese.

In the end it would contribute to making Africa a pop cultural power instead of a mere colonial to American comics and would present Africa with the opportunity to meet these other industries toe to toe.It would demonstrate that the African culture is inferior to none and that this industry is it’s own industry and no one elses!



Many have found the term “Kugali” appropriate at least for the time been! I don’t know what it means but it does sound African enough..there are a few more ideas out there but this seems to be the most prominent at the moment!


Imagine a world where it is no longer simply comics vs manga anymore but comics vs manga vs Kugali …..I can already imagine the African babe……yeaaaah!!…..opps sorry back to business…..So as I was saying this is essentially why Africa should consider coining her own label ,it would help further solidify her identity  as an independent industry and inevitably place her on the same level as the other two above…even though they got a more than 50 year start…no biggie we can do it!…so what do you say do you think Africa needs to relabel or we are okay the way we are?

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