Its that time of the year again, carols can be heard all over the place and decorations are been put in place….CHRISTMAS IS HERE and as the year ends what better way to celebrate than to look back on what has been a rather productive year for the industry and appreciate what we have been blessed with…..


As the year ends it is only fitting we take a moment to look back throughout the year and acknowledge the hard work been put into this industry ,thus I present to you the top 10 Kugali of the year!



Awarded as the most African oriented comic a title it most certainly deserves Peda studios have succeeded at utilizing Africa’s rich culture and mythology to bring about a story phenomenal and refreshing.With characters of an impressive character and a plot which is certainly bound to entertain the Newborn saga is without a doubt one of the best Kugali this year has to offer!



By now most of you should be familiar with the dynamic duo.Mortar and Pestle have manage to captivate fans with their humorous escapades and their stupendously hilarious adventures.Their story brilliantly makes use of African superstition and thrusts the reader into an adventure the likes of which they have never encountered before that said it would simply be criminal of me to exclude them from the list.

8.SANNKOFAMANsannkofamaan_brown_theblerdgurl_hdrAnother epic tale from the boys at Vortex Inc.Dr Darren continues his fight against the diabolical western organization which hopes to make millions at the expense of the lives of the people of a rural African village .A story that makes bare the issues affecting numerous villages across the continent.



A work of beauty from the squad at Youneek studios. Malika is a story steeped in African culture and riddled with action.Perfectly paced with an incredible story Malika is one of a kind!



Ekun tells the story of a typical…not so typical ….Nigerian teen.A tale that nicely blends the African culture with modern times.An impressive tale with a protagonist of  superb caliber and a story that has infinite possibilities.


eru You think you know fear? I bet you you don’t! But this guy does another blockbuster from the boys at comic republic and boy does thus guy give me the chills!


JUNE 12 ISSUE 1 full version

No one delivers justice like this guy….seriously I mean no one!!!….June XII tells quite the tale , five issues into it I even more confused than I was in the first issue!A story characterized by suspense that deals with typical issues of corruption… and once in a while gives us the pleasure of seeing a certain pot belly greedy politician sweat his fat off…..yeah June XII is definitely one of the best Kugali out there.



Another impressive feat from the Comic republic, A story that beautifully blends ancient Africa with the present…..I don’t know what Alaric’s deal is but I definitely want to find out!!!



If I forgot to add this epic beauty I would have shot myself!…..maybe not!!!…Either way  Visionary Ascension is without a doubt one badass work of Art …..kudos to comic republic …I LOOK FORWARD TO THE NEXT ISSUE….DON’T KEEP ME WAITING!!

and number one is……



Come on!….who else deserved it? go ahead tell me who?….on second thought don’t!!! But still Ireti is a flawless combination of modern day Africa with the past….with a plot line that simply flows,wonderfully paced and simply extraordinary characters ….so yes Ireti Bidemi is the first on the list, at least for this year!

Do you think I left anyone out feel free to blast me!….Everyone does!!

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