When you think about the Orisha , the first thing that comes to mind are majestic beings who dominate nature and ride the winds in awe inspiring glory….am I right? am I? well shocker that ain’t the tale today meet Obatala and Shango ..


let me guess, they are not the guys you were expecting….but hold on! Hold on!! They are every bit as exciting if not more,Say Hello to Orisha Pikin. If you are one of those guys who just wants a good laugh then this is your book ,even the art does not take itself too seriously but it makes sure not to cross the border into been plain bad,the use of African lore is simply spectacular, but what really makes the book so good is that the characters know what’s up!

The second issue starts with Obatala defeating Shango for the infintive time with poor Shango breaking into tears as Oya his sister tries to console him. The mischievous Eshu then appears on the scene to inform the trio about a “geek event” going on in Nigeria in the mortal world. Shango identifies a fresh opportunity to defeat Obatala in a speed competition moving in as hastily as he can only to once more suffer humiliating defeat the the hands of Obatala who does not even seem to be trying.

When they get there they discover this “geek event” is really a big deal, even Jesus is there! (okay at some point in time I felt a bit of discomfort you know religious issues are touchy but then you remember it’s all just for fun, but still I can’t help it! ….what? can you blame me?)….Anyway  Obatala soon informs Shango his crush Oshun is at the event and Shango can’t wait to go meet her, then he remembers he is dressed like a Hobo!

Eshu takes this fine opportunity to strike a bargain, if Shango lets him touch his axe for just a moment he would give him some pretty fancy looking garments…of course anyone in their right mind would see it is a trap but the poor orisha is in love!…Shango hastily and happily complies and then is off to woo his lovely dame when Jesus comes and mercilessly upstages him….yawa nonstop for our shango I guess…Anyway  conceding defeat he leaves the scene then you guessed it not too long after we hear someone has been struck with a bolt of lightening….poor sankofamaam, he wasn’t even part of all this….Shango pops up again out of nowhere informing Obatala that he just noticed his axe is a fake …..apparently china makes fake devine axes too, we don die!….and Shango is arrested for the crime as all the evidence indicates he is responsible……but I think we know who is really to blame!


aww just look at his cute little face, this guy couldn’t hurt a fly……on second thought he could but that is besides the point…

The boys at vortex inc are living up to their name,the book is a hilariously fun ride, I can honestly relate to the poor shango who seems to always get the short end of the stick…hail shango!….the wacky atmosphere that the book is characterized for was certainly climaxed in this issue, its an African tale that is for certain but I have just one problem…..did the geek event really have to be called lagos comic con? I mean there are tons of traditional African names we could give a story festival…..what?…..just saying we should really consider it!

Read Orisha Pikin at Vortex247.com


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