It is without a doubt the battle of gods , two majestic forces of nature going at it for glory and victory!…..


Ever since the release of Orisha Pikin #2 a battle has raged, a battle so fierce individuals from the most remote corners of our industry have taken up their arms to defend their belief! ..yup you guessed, it Shango and Obatala are at it again and this time they have managed to split the kugali industry right down the middle…..well done guys, you’ve really done it this time!!….

Thanks to vortex #TeamObatala and #Teamshango are going mano a mano in a duel to prove who is the superior of the two…it’s obviously Shango so I really do not see the point of this battle….anyway as a consequence of the ensuing battle one would realise that both characters have become even more endearing to the hearts of the fans who are  going at it out there for their bae… as a certain someone puts it ,for my own safety I won’t mention who…this activity has without a doubt encouraged interactivity among fans of the franchise and provided a platform for the characters to make an even greater difference.


One would argue that it is quite the gamble putting fans against fans in a situation like this, a situation in which if care is not taken could spell some unpleasant consequences for the industry….if the marvel dc rivalry teaches us anything it’s that….I believe that at this point it is the responsibility of the fans to keep it mature and fun as they have beautifully done so far.

Indeed it has been quite the ride, filled with fun excitement and friendly competition.I would like to encourage the other startups to try something similar, the experience really does help the characters to grow on us and inevitably in some weird way helps us form a lasting bond with the characters.

So if you have not cast your vote do so immediately….make sure you cast for Shango, HAIL SHANGO!!…and if you have not read Orisha Pikin you can do so at vortex

So which side are you #teamshango or #teamobatala?

….ps I would really like to know who you think is the superior of the two….I mean what on earth would make you pick Obatala?


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