Comic Republic has done it again.The recently released seventh issue of Avonome was a work of wonder.In this issue the republic make bare their majesty and serve us a quick reminder of why they hold a top spot in our rising industry.


Avonome has always been one of my personal favorites. The epitome of what I believe African heroes or heroines for that matter should be. Through her seventh issue I believe she has given our industry yet another treasure , one that will shape it for a long time to come! What is this treasure you ask? I speak of Ash Razak!

ash rAZAK

                  “A hero’s substance is measured by the challenges his villains present!”


The creative industry has succeeded in creating numerous heroes of exceptional caliber but we have considerably less to show for the villains! There are a few noteworthy baddies but this guy comes with a majesty that quite honestly is unprecedented!

The last few issues have been building up to his debut , the big bad who has even the baddest of the bad watching their steps and boy is this guy a badass.


Considering this guy has not really made an actual appearance yet you have to wonder my cause for such high expectations! The fact is already Ash Razak finally brings a real sense of urgency to the story and aside that his origin helps us make sense of all that has been going on so far.

Ever since Avonome’s debut the story has been pretty cryptic, mysterious and suspenseful…kind of adds to it’s charm….we Avonofans have been racking our minds with questions like where is Avonome from? what’s the whole deal with spirits? who are those creepy people having a meeting and what’s their deal as well? Folks WE FINALLY GOT ANSWERS!

Ash Razak in one way or another is practically the cause of everything , his back story is also another epic piece of writing. According to Ozeba…you would know her if  you have been paying attention or reading the comic……Ash Razak is one of two twins who basically mastered the secrets of science , combat and magic by age nine….Luthor eat your heart out…you too Loki… age 12 they had devoured all the Lumen, scrolls ,written wisdom and all the knowledge permissible by the BONE!

Fortunately or unfortunately for them the Bone found them worthy of the most sacred of curses, a god complex known as Uranum and Kro – The death of a universe!…….I am geeking out at this point!…so these two brothers left on a journey of enlightenment and just disappeared. Then, after who knows how many years of absence one returns and slaughters an entire race of shape shifters, using their tissue to forge a relic known as the Catalogia! His name was Ash Razak!

He seemed like he was going to do a whole lot more but fortunately he was imprisoned and his return is the most dreaded of all phenomenons! Now some of you are probably thinking yea, yea , yea, we’ve heard the story once too many , or have we?

oh what a beauty!

Ash Razak fits into the story in the most organic fashion possible. He is definitely no slouch and his actions so far have had lasting effects! The mere possibility of his return was enough to sway Avonome from choosing death over life! A hero’s substance is measured by the challenges his villains present! Ash has already proven to have a profound impact on Avonome’s very existence and you can bet by the time he is through with her, she would truly be the seventh wonder of the world!

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