People one of the best stories to ever capture our industry is taking it to the next level. Yes you heard right Orisha Pikin is getting an animation.


Orisha Pikin creator popularly known as Kiyindou Yamakasi announced that the much loved dynamic duo of vortex would be featuring in their own animation sometime soon! Though he did not specify when, he did provide a sneek peek into the production process.

But ….yes there is a but….even with all the excitement you have to wonder is it too soon? I mean for those of us who have been following the comic religiously we already know it is only four issues deep that said we do not know if the up coming feature will be a part of the already set canon or if it would be set in an entirely different alternate reality…I personally would not be too comfortable with that….nonetheless if successful this would still be a big leap for the studio and Orisha Pikin.

After all the animation will help us enjoy a fresh new experience with these characters that a lot of us have come to know and love but I am simply cautioning since we are taking this step lets make sure it is done right!

The upcoming animation will be written,directed,produced and storyboarded by  Drunkem Endi Ode.

Orisha Pikin was created by Kiyindou Yamakasi

Well done guys and I can’t wait to see what’s coming!

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