In recent years Africa has witnessed the rise of new heroes , men and women of unmatched strength and uncanny intellect. I do not speak of the likes of June XII and I am most certainly not referring to Guardian prime, no it is not Exo or Ananse for that matter , the hero I speak of dear reader is you!….yes YOU!

You see as awesome as these guys are the simple fact is they wouldn’t be without you. We hear stories of bankers and computer programmers who quit their well paying nine to five jobs in order to invest in a dream that is very well beyond any of us.

Tales of courageous individuals who right out of the university set their eye on the goal and put their whole lives on the line in order to make it real, these are the heroes of whom I speak.

Valiant and unrelenting they have dared to dream , we have dared to dream and many of us can testify it has been a struggle , it is still a struggle!

But in the end is that not why we love this industry? It is not it’s art or colorful pages but it’s heart through the ages, the heart of the boys and girls , men and women , heroes and warriors who continue to invest for a better Africa, for a greater Africa!

“not for it’s art or colorful pages but it’s heart through the ages”

Yes this is the movement I am proud to be a part of , it is a movement you should also be proud of , a movement of heroes!

So never stop writing , never stop drawing , never stop animating, never stop gaming ,never stop trying ,never stop dreaming even if it seems like no one cares or it doesn’t matter because it does matter, you do matter and it is your heart and sweat that will make it all worth it!

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