So have you ever wondered what would happen if the American Superheroes decided to attack Africa for some reason?! Well I have and my conclusion is it’s going to result in one hell of a fight!

Perhaps a decade ago Africa wouldn’t stand a chance but now it is totally game on! If a war like that should ever happen it is most likely that superman would be the one leading the charge against Africa and that is why I have put together a list of African individuals who can put the beat down on superman!

I know I sound like Batman or some twisted version of Amanda Waller but anyhow introducing the superman beatdown….ers?!

1.June XII

JUNE 12 ISSUE 1 full version
June XII

For those of you who know him you can testify this is one of the most powerful, intimidating and dope characters to ever walk the planet! June Xii so far has not displayed any limit to his power nor has he been shown to have any upper limits! In Spirit Wars #1 he walked around the whole earth in under a microsecond, note before I said walk not ran, even the Flash cannot do that and as we all know superman is nowhere as fast as the flash.Now let it be noted he performed that feat of speed effortlessly so I don’t know what he can do when he is actually trying.So far he has not been shown to get hurt and the only time he seemed to be having any kind of trouble at all was in Spirit wars#1 when Laalu his arch nemesis somehow defeated him…we still don’t know how…with all that said June Xii can not only put the beatdown on the big S but he most certainly will!


african-comic-aje-2  It is no secret superman has a very pronounced weakness towards magic and magic is what Aje is all about! Only two issues deep things are already getting all kinds of weird as some how someone’s magic….either her or her dad’s still not sure….caused her 10-15 year old brother to muster enough strength to beat the crap out of a full grown man….and when I say beat the crap out of I mean beat the crap out of, after that kid was done with him the guy virtually didn’t know what hit him.If she has upper limits we still don’t know but though I’m less confident about her the possibility remains, I mean if Circe can give supes a hard time this one will put him in the hospital!



Avonome has been shown to have upper limits, in fact she died…but superman has died too like twice now…but despite that she still has a cool side kick of a guardian angel by her side and her connection to the mystical is quite unparalleled, that said she seems to still be growing in terms of power and though she has no crazy feats yet her power set definitely makes her a threat at the very least!



For those of us who watched Naruto this guy reminds us slightly of Itachi! He wins the fight before it even starts! Eru deals with fear…yes he is one of those psychopathic types who uses your own worst fears to utterly destroy you…superman over the years has developed defenses to telepathic attacks and probes but Eru ain’t a telepath! Yes he makes you live your worst fears…..for superman that would probably be losing lois lane or taking a bath in boiling liquid kryptonite…..nonetheless Eru does not induce your fears through toxins like scare crow or psychic attacks like professor X, once more he utilizes mystical means! The man of steel has no defense against this guy because though he may have skin as hard as steel his mind is pretty much human!


photo (1)  

If there is a will there is a way and if there is a way Ananse will find it! If you grew up listening to Kwaku Ananse stories you wouldn’t underestimate this guy, he is Loki’s equal and his mischief knows no bounds.There are so many ways to kill a superman and I bet you before the battle gets underway Ananse would have already decided which method would be most convenient!

So do you think I left anyone out ?or do you think I am hallucinating? let me know in the comments section below!!


  1. Damn!
    Always wanted to do comics when I was young
    But I felt like “it’s Africa so it won’t go far”but damn I had no idea there was a whole foundation with badass heroes ithat could even beat superman in this continent
    This is really cool


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