warrior clash

Welcome folks to the very first episode of WARRIOR CLASH!…What is warrior clash? well basically what we do is take two characters break them down and find out the one likely to come out victorious in battle! For today I picked two of my favorite characters so without much ado let’s get into this already!

Fear….an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain or harm and there is no doubt that there are few individuals in the world of comics who can get the fear going like these two…

Batman the caped crusader



Eru the personification of fear itself


it’s time to analyse their powers, weapons and skills and find out who would win in this epic confrontation!!


First off lets get to know these guys a little better shall we starting with…..


If you have heard the story once then you have heard it a million times! Bruce Wayne is the son of a wealthy doctor Thomas Wayne and his wife Martha Wayne, as a child he witnessed his parents die at the hands of a small time crook (Joe Chill).

they don’t look too good!

This traumatic experience caused Bruce to later on travel the world , mastering various arts and skills acquiring the tools he needed to become the legendary batman, famed protector of Gotham City!


As a result of hard training Bruce has conditioned his body to the peak of human ability, he has uncanny strength, speed ,reflex and durability. He is a master of 127 forms of martial arts he has a genius level intellect and is the worlds greatest detective but he is more known for his powers of intimidation, utilizing fear to bring the criminal element to it’s knees!


In his utility belt he also has to his disposal an arsenal which proves handy in any situation, from batarangs to his grappler which allows him to swing from rooftop to rooftop,  he has numerous batsuits which he uses depending on the kind of villains he is facing , for transportation he has the famed batmobile and batwing but his most lethal weapons are his body and mind.


As Batman he has taken on numerous enemies including Killer Croc, Two face ,Mr Freeze and his arch nemesis the Joker. He is a member of the justice league and his feats have place him on par with personalities like Superman, wonder woman, green lantern among others! Though he may lack actual superpowers time and time again he has proven all you need to be a superhero is unwavering determination and a sharpened intellect!

Now this guy happens to be a little less popular nonetheless he is a badass in his own right, introducing from the streets of Nigeria , he is Eric Kukoyi more popularly known as…


Eric Kokoyi is not a normal man, he does not age or sleep! when night dawns, where creatures haunt corners and crime rears it’s ugly head he will become the one thing they all fear…..Fear itself!!!


Not much is known about Eru , in fact we know next to nothing about this frightening figure but what we do know is that when Eric Kokoyi is not fighting crime he lectures at the university of Lagos. He also works part time as a psychiatrist and parapsychologist.It is still unclear how he gained his abilities but with what we know it seems he has been around for a very long time….centuries even if not for thousands of years.

According to Comic republic he is bound by oath to haunt the night as a force of retribution but why this is the case remains a mystery!


Eru has mastery over the powers of fear.He is able to forcefully induce a persons worst fears no matter what it is and allow that person to fully live it for as long as he pleases.


According to Vanguards rising #1 Eru  has control over fear energy and possesses phobia manipulation as well as enhanced strength levels, regenerative powers and magic .

The three kings

In the few issues he has featured in he has already shown some pretty impressive feats. He has displayed mastery over illusion and showcased an impressive arsenal .Such as Meta Oba also known as the three kings a mystical weapon which seems to have some sort of lightening related abilities.

In all, this mysterious enigma has proven he is no slouch and is definitely up for any challenge.He has also demonstrated the ability to induce happier illusions as opposed to his more frightening ones. In the end illusion or not fear is something to be taken seriously!

The fight


The fight between these two would be an epic display of strategy and intellect, both are highly learned and resourceful in their own right. Both are masters of utilizing the darkness and fear to their advantage while facing any enemy, so in a battle like this the ironic thing is they are likely to be some unlikely familiarity between the two! They would both share a deep understanding of each other, especially when it comes to their fear tactics but what would make the difference in this fight is their individual arsenals!

Lets set up this fight…..say it happens in some dark alley somewhere in Gotham….I don’t know what Eru was looking for in Gotham but if we are lucky maybe one day we will find out…no preptime whatsoever…not that batman needs it or anything…my approximation of the probability of the following events taking place is 6:10!


The fight will likely start quickly with Eru taking an early lead…..his superior strength and speed would serve him well helping him keep the bat on his toes……at this point the bat is likely to attempt using some sort of smoke screen to get some space…an effort which is likely to prove futile as Eru’s senses are beyond normal!

The batman would continue to utilize such delay tactics attempting to learn as much about his opponent as possible in the shortest possible time. Eru would continue to engage him also disappearing and reappearing when ever he felt like it!

If this were to drag on any longer which I is very unlikely there is no doubt in my mind that Batman would device a way to take down Eru despite his  wider range of abilities, but as I already stated it is not likely to get to that, Eru is more likely to end things before it gets to that as he would probably notice he was been studied ….probably because he would most likely be studying Bruce as well.

In the end it is really difficult to tell who would take the upperhand but keeping in mind there is actually very little Batman can do to hurt Eru that coupled with the fact Eru has regenerative abilities I am inclined to give  it to Eru!


That notwithstanding there is also the exhaustion factor, as Eru does not age or tire…even if Batman were to keep this up long enough I really doubt he would have the physical edge to take on Eru for an indefinite period, as if one can remember one of the reasons Bane succeeded in breaking the batman was because he was already exhausted from fighting the whole night!

That said Batman  has been shown to have upper limits, Eru has not!


So after all is said and done victory goes to the force of retribution, the master of fear, FEAR INCARNATE…….ERU!

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