February 9,2018……Black Panther Trailer Review.

art by omiko

So with the much anticipated marvel Black Panther slated to be released on the the 9th of February next year has created some excitement in the movie and comic industry with the release of its  jaw dropping trailer which gave a few insight into the movie! Now this has  Africa and technology smelling all over it and i love it so i decided to do a little breakdown of the trailer.lets get right into it then


The trailer opened up with what looks like  a interrogation between Everett K. Ross, a CIA agent who was initially introduced in Captain America: Civil War and Ulysses Klaw, a black market smuggler and arms dealer who we see in the Avengers age of ulltron missing an arm telling Ross about a hidden land not a lot of people have checked out, the hidden land of Wakanda believed to harbor grand technology and futuristic looking things a land many explorers call El Dora do, the mythical city of gold where its passage follows through.


Here we  see a glimpse of the supposed Wakanda a secretive African country displaying wealth and technology, an African country been so technologically advanced to some extent(GO AFRICA) and of cause Klaw claiming to be the only one to have seen this. This take on Wakanda is truly breathtaking, emphasizing on Africa’s potential for greatness but maintaining the African core making sure not to blur it.


We see a bunch of thugs trying to find their way in only to be stopped by the panther himself with their weapons doing nothing to his Vibranium suit!


This is point in the trailer where klaw says I can see you know very well he is been watched by people which happens to be the black panther himself  and his chief of security of the Dora Milaje, a group that we will see frequently throughout the rest of the trailer.


Welcome to Wakanda! Cut off from the rest of the world and sitting on the world’s largest supply of vibranium,  As we will see in this shot, the city has not lost its heritage in a maze of futuristic skyscrapers.


Here we see what seems to be a rescue mission of klaw by masked man by the name of Erik Killmonger with some explosives at where Klaw is been held captive.


Here we see some action of a kind by a member of the Dora Milaje  in a casino.

Again we see the Black panther  by the name  T’Challa in other shots been summoned of by some group of people (soldiers and tribal leaders?), arms outstretched, as if he’s welcoming a challenge.When T’Challa isn’t off saving the world with the Avengers, he’s often navigating the political labyrinths and staving off coups in his homeland.


Wakanda is an isolated nation that deliberately hides in the shadows, steering clear of the international stage. For better or worse, it looks like T’Challa may intend to change that. Here he is speaking at the United Nations,but well is this the reason for him making so many enemies back home? Is his decision to meddle in international affairs going to turn his own people against him? The theme of  cultural isolation also pops up, in the end is this land better off sealing itself away from alien governments who want nothing more but to exploit it and its people?


Welcome to the Wakandan throne room, where the king and the various tribal leaders can meet and hash things out and negotiate and bargain and probably exchange threats.

Moving on in other shots we see T’Challa’s mother, Ramonda,  and his sister Shuri,  With other tribal leaders turned against him, it looks like the king of Wakanda is going to have to rely on his own blood relatives if he’s going to stay alive. And wherever they’re going, it seems that Everett Ross has tagged along as well.

Again we see kill Monger squaring off with the Dora Milaje and the crew been surronded by a squad possibly lead by killmonger.


Meet M’Baku, in the comics, this tribal leader is known as Man-Ape but don’t expect this name to stick in the movie.


And finally the last part of the trailer where we see a CGI car crash, complete with Black Panther elegantly flipping through the air and landing on another vehicle.Well we have seen this happen all the time in  super hero movies but this definitely tells something  in the trailer that is otherwise jam-packed with stuff that feels new.

The Ryan Coogler  film produced by Kevin Feige is  due to be released in February 2018 lets see what this bad boy has for us.




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