Not too long ago many fans were shocked and saddened by the unfortunate news when Orisha Pikin creator Archange Kiyindou announced his departure from vortex comics.

Though the circumstance leading to the departure are still sketchy recent events have seen a reconciliation between Vortex Comics and the much loved Orisha Pikin. The News was first announced via an Orisha Pikin Speical published on the Orisha Pikin Facebook page and from the look of things a reboot isn’t likely. Though an official return date has not yet been announced, it is obvious the comic is going to pickup exactly where it left off, a fact which is indeed a relief for most fans.


That noted one can’t help but wonder what does this mean for the future of the comic and Vortex comics in general.Though much detail has not been released concerning the initial departure we know for sure the break up was partly a result of Kiyindou and his team feeling Vortex had not treated them fairly in certain regards. Though Vortex has not made an official statement concerning this matter from the Orisha Pikin Special Vortex comics CEO Somto Ajuluchukwu is seen making an official apology.

So at least for now it is safe to say hostilities have come to an end but whether things will remain that way depends on all the players.Hopefully both parties have learned from this bitter experience and with any luck that will be the case but supposing it is not then there is very little preventing such occurrences from repeating themselves and given the industry’s current status quo no one can really tell what repercussions that will spell for the industry as a whole.

This sort of thing isn’t anything new to comics.In fact in some cases it is almost bound to happen.Marvel comics saw the “Exodus” as  it is called of seven of it’s superstar artists which resulted in the founding of Image comics in 1992 and writers and artist have been known to have fallouts with various publishing houses over ownership of intellectual properties. The Seigel and Shuster case been an example , that said does this mean we are bound to see more fallouts like this in the future?

Well, what I do know is once this industry decides to model after the American industry it will most certainly run into the same challenges. Another factor could be plain human nature but finally what matters most is that we learn from our mistakes and move forward in a spirit of progression!

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