One of the best things that can happen to a geek is to meet fellow geeks. The story is the same, it doesn’t matter if you’re a gamer, comic book fanboy or Anime fan little compares to the joy of getting to dress like your favorite heroes and villains in the midst of fellow geeks and fans. CCILogo-R_Large

Comic conventions are one of the biggest avenues for fans to have the time of their lives.Apart from that they also serve as a platform for major industry players to interact with their fans and for upcoming talents to be exposed! cos

That been the case it should come as no surprise that Africa’s rising creative industries have already established a few geek events of their own and here are five of them that are totally worth checking out when given the chance.




The Cape town comic con is definitely a place where fanboys and girls can feel at home.Held annually the SA geek community find themselves blessed with an event they can look forward to year in year out.



Leaving South Africa all the way in West Africa the Ghanaians aren’t far behind. Nerdcon began last year and is looking to return in full force this year.If you’re geeky and find yourself somewhere in GH do make it a point to come on by, you won’t regret it!



Still in West Africa the Nigerians also have their thing going! Lagos Comic con has proven to be a success in every sense of the word and this year there has been no indication of it slowing down!



 Fans in Zimbabwe are totally covered. ComExposed is also an epic mash of geeking goodness but don’t just take my word for it, make sure to find out for yourself whenever you can!

LCC All indicators point that the geek culture in Africa is finally taking a foothold, the events mentioned show just how far the African industry has come. Finally geeks in Africa have their own stage too and don’t need to go too far to get in on the goodness of a comic convention.That on it’s own considering where things started is truly amazing!


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