“Aspire to be richer in passion than in money” 

                                                                                               -Eyram Akofa Tawia


The Baobab summit 2017 was a wonderful success. The three day summit that took place at the Labadi beach hotel in Ghana’s capital city Accra left it’s participants inspired and fully equipped to take on the challenge of creating a better Africa.


Leti Arts had the honor of been part of that inspiration. In recent years thanks in part to Leti’s efforts breakthroughs have been made in Africa with regards to gaming. It goes without saying that the emerging gaming industry is also in dire need of young capable and transformational leaders and creating these leaders was exactly what Leti Arts set out to do at Baobab 2017.


The participants would testify it was a truly memorable experience in which the Leti team led by it’s CEO Eyram Tawia guided the participants through an interactive workshop programme designed to thrust them into the exciting world of game design and ignite a passion for Science Technology engineering and mathematics (STEM) related activities.


Imaginations were rampant all through the workshop sessions and themes like leadership, team work, passion and perseverance were on the highlight. After all was said and done it was obvious that Leti’s message of passion over money resonated within the participants and that the team had successfully played it’s part in inspiring young leaders at Boabab 2017.


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