For those of you who may not have heard of them Epcoch ,studios are another badass art studio from Nigeria representing Africa on the comics stage.


With titles like Clique Agents and the Seraph, Epoch have also been steadily building their library of heroes and villains.Though I am a bit disappointed that like most other African studios they follow the superhero archetype to the last detail , I find that they are also likely to give any publisher a ran for his money.

Their most recent release Barikisu#1 is testament of that! The book boasts splendid art and a decent story even though it doesn’t quite get the thrill going but that might be because it’s a first issue. It is nicely paced but in all honesty quite generic. The plot is easily seen through and that doesn’t help it one bit but the art does tend to make up  for that flaw most of the time.


The action sequences are fluid and the paneling is flawless but like most first issues a lot of the characters lack a certain substance , making it difficult to invest emotion in them but I’ve got a feeling that will change in the issues to come.The book obviously follows the warrior queen trope and brings in elements of time travel, a rather tricky and troublesome combination but if done right could spur out a cocktail of creative goodness.


It’s a decent comic that’s for certain, something I would definitely recommend you pick up if you want to kill time. I look forward to the coming issues, after all it’s not a bad start and in the end what more could a first issue ask for?!!

You can check out more of Epoch’s content by visiting the links below:


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