The last few years have been quite remarkable for the blossoming African Comic industry. Day in day out new marvels unveil themselves and the heroes of the industry attain even higher heights.

In recent days one of the industry’s powerhouses Peda studios have been making game changing moves. After recently announcing their historic partnership with the American publisher valiant comics Peda have taken it a step further by partnering with a leading local notebook producer Mapleleaf press.


This partnership is perhaps one of the most crucial events in the blossoming industry’s history. It is not news that the industry has had to face a few challenges in terms of book sales and distribution but fortunately partnerships of this nature provide a solution to the problems at hand in a most subtle and clever manner.

Essentially as a result of the partnership Mapleleaf now have the license to put Peda’s tekkids on 5 million of their notebooks, this consequently means the tekkids are now reaching about 5 million people nationwide.

This is not the first time we have seen this, the first people to make such a historic move were the boys over at comic republic, when they had a similar partnership with Aviva.


As such I believe it is fair to name them the pioneers of these comic notebooks. If Peda’s partnership with Mapleleaf is any indicator then we are likely to see many more partnerships of this caliber in the years to come. It really is an exciting time to be a Nigerian school child. You get to write notes and see amazing heroes in action but it’s an even more exciting time for the industry because if I am right, it may have just found it’s main mechanism of print distribution!

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