Might of Guardian Prime #9

written by: Wale Awelenje

art  by: Stanley Obende

published by: Comic republic


It has been sometime since Comic republic released Might of Guardian Prime #9. As always the crew at the republic managed to impress. Featuring some amazing visuals and a pretty decent plot. Guardian Prime #9 is quite a fun read to say the least.

credit: Comic republic

Continuing where #8 left off this issue falls through with the buildup. Eevruwih the avatar of aggression continues his assault, effortlessly defeating Union Guard and making his way towards Orlando for his final act.

Fortunately despite the fact that intervening may trigger a war between the US and Nigeria, Guardian Prime steps in saving Union Guard and defeating Eevruwih.

credit: comic republic

 The issue was indeed quite enjoyable but really in the end after taking a look at this particular panel one can’t feel but wonder if it illustrates the times in a most accurate fashion.

credit: comic republic

The avatar of old Africa swiftly defeated after been vilified and branded as nothing but a personification of aggression and evil while the new trendy and albeit noble super heroic archetype triumphs because it’s obviously the better of the two. It was definitely a good read with beautiful colors, exceptional line art, wonderful pacing, decent dialogue and perhaps the most enlightening illustration of Africa’s greatest folly.


  1. Hello there! This is quite an interesting review!

    I am presently analyzing this comics for an academic project. Do you mind if I ask you few questions about this particular comics?

    Looking forward to your response.

    Thank you!

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