2018 was a phenomenal year for African comics featuring some heavily anticipated releases. Now as we enter a new year we can only hope that things are going to be equally phenomenal . So without further ado here’s our list of African titles to look out for in 2019.


credit: peda studios

Starting off at number eight is Peda comic’s MBUZE. Mbuze saw it’s first issue been released somewhere mid 2018. It featured  a rather captivating premise and looks poised to push readers into further depths of the Peda universe. With any luck 2019 should see the continuation of what is bound to be an epic tale. This is definitely one title to keep an eye out for.


credit: epoch comics

From the minds at epoch Barikisu is a work of beauty featuring splendidly done artwork. It seems to be easing readers into what’s bound to be an exciting tale and is definitely a book that any reader would appreciate. With any luck we should be seeing our blade swinging maiden in action anytime this year.


credit: comic republic

Another wonderful title from the crew at the republic. Tatashe is guaranteed to make your money’s worth. A worthwhile read for anybody it also maintains a special place for those who know their anime. It’s definitely one to look out for this year.


credit: peda studios

We have three words for you… straight up awesome. If you’re all about the fast paced action, super cool looking characters and a plot that is bound to be a fun ride, here’s one showdown you simply cannot afford to miss.


trials of the spear
credit: comic republic

This is a tale promising adventure and fantasy in all it’s splendor. Last year the release of this title thrust readers into a new world of wonder and awe. We absolutely must have more in 2019, with any luck we will!


credit: youneek studios

From the creators of Exo and Malika , Iyanu is another tale set to light up hearts and make more magic. Scheduled for release somewhere this year, this heavily anticipated title is one bound to endear itself to readers world wide. A fresh take on fantastical storytelling it’s no wonder it takes number three on our list.



little little orishas
credit: comic republic

Number two on our list is Little little orisha, a reboot of a much loved title. If history is any indicator we are in for a fun filled tale of suspense, drama and action. Then again when all is said and done, what else can we ask for?!


credit: leti arts

Number one on our list is Karmzah, a tale on a mission to empower those less abled. Karmzah is a story of inspiration with quite inspiring origins of it’s own. Written by Farida Bedwei a well renowned disability rights advocate in Ghana and an inspiration in her own right, this is a story poised to change the world and one that is worth investing in in more ways than one.

And there you have it our list of African titles to look out for in 2019….Happy new year!!!




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