The comic book phenomenon is sweeping over Africa. All over the continent creatives are popping up pouring their hearts and souls into the characters and tales that will inspire the next generation on a global scale.

Across the length and breadth of the continent strides are been made to put African comics on the map, here are the four African countries that are taking African comics to the next level.


Ghana has seen quite some action and played an active role when it comes to putting African content on the map. Spawning companies including Leti arts and creo concepts the former gold coast continues to awe the world with it’s rich culture and creativity.

Ghana also happens to have it’s own annual geek convention Nerdcon, an event that see’s creatives from all over the country converge to share ideas and have a great time.



Boasting characters like Razorman and Themba, Zimbabwe has been hitting the scene pretty hard. Nurturing a vibrant and well invested community Zimbabwe is definitely one of the creative powerhouses on the continent.


You need only attend CONVERGE, the country’s biggest geek event to know what we are talking about.


South Africa


South Africa without a doubt is a creative power when it comes to Africa, with a pretty rad and solid gaming industry South Africa is set to take over the world. The fact that  they also have some sick comic titles out there helps them cement their place on this list.




Last but not least Nigeria has also made strides in comics, animation and game development. With a competitive and vibrant creative force at the top of their game, Nigeria has seen numerous major geek events and initiatives all geared at expanding it’s creative front. That said it should come as no surprise they are on this list.


It is apparent that Africa is poised to make it’s mark and with so many parts of it been lit up in such a stupendous manner one can be certain that it most definitely will. There are numerous creatives rising all over, places like Kenya and Cameroon are also in on the action, in the end it’s safe to conclude, Africa’s time has come!

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