Peda studios have made a name for themselves bringing African history and myth into the 21st century through their fascinating characters and remarkable plots, and I have to say their most recent release was quite the thriller.

credit: Peda studios

Chayoma is the story of a young woman who since birth had been born with amazing abilities, as a result she is recruited into the Jangura an elite force of warriors shrouded in mystery and steeped in the dark arts.

The story takes place in the time of the medieval African Kitara empire and does it’s very best to bring the era to life once more. It has some success in this regard, and does well demonstrating what life was like in those days.

credit: Peda studios

It spares no effort putting on display African architecture and culture and tries it’s very best to be accurate as possible, with decent art and pacing. Peda’s efforts have truly been revolutionary as they have consistently showcased Africa in all her awe and glory. Chayoma #1 seems to be the beginning of a tale that will cut deep into the age, revealing the beauty and ugliness that lay with the times.

credit: Peda studios

That said in the end what matters the most is that it brings today’s generation closer to home and gives them a clue about the way their ancestors lived. After all is said and done, through it’s amazing characters and seasoned plots it is a tale bound to break the misguided conceptions about ancient Africa and a tale that will put on full display the substance ,character and industry that characterized ancient Africa.

You can read and download Chayoma at

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