Everyone loves games, and we at Rookiepencil are no exception. One can’t help but get immersed as they hack, pummel or just blast scores of adversaries into oblivion, and here are five games that gives gamers just that in a criminally awesome manner.

1.Mortal Kombat 11
Recently released Mortal Kombat 11 has quickly stirred up die hard fans and new players like a never ending Liu Kang combo(pun inteneded). It stays true to the fun and action the previous games have provided. With the addition of new characters such as Frost and Geras the story mode takes a new twist making it refreshing as always. You can play with friends online or offline and still have fun as you pummel way to victory.

2. Warframe
Warframe has now moved from the underdog to become one of the best free to play games. It provides beautiful visuals and a fun world to play in. You a space ninja who has been reawakened to fight again to restore peace to the universe. You can craft weapons and warframes and mod them to suit your fighting style. Whether you want to be a mischievous Loki and kill enemies with stealth finishers or the undying desert king Inaros, you are sure to have fun playing. With the upcoming Gas City update the game is going to get a new mode promising new rewards and tons of fun.

3. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
If you are looking for a game that is challenging and rewards your patience, look no further than Sekiro. Made by the same creators of the Dark Souls games, Sekiro feels like it but with a twist. Timed attacks and parries will give you that sweet lethal blow to end the fight. The stealth aspect of the game is very efficient and will reward you if you play like the silent assassin you are. Your adaptive prosthetic arm will be one of the best weapons you will have besides your katana. It can become an axe to break shields or an umbrella to block projectiles whatever suits your playstlye.

4. Paladins

Some people say Overwatch is better than Paladins….though some may not agree… One is thing is certain it’s free to play and customizing your characters skills is fun. You can increase the damage a character deals or turn an otherwise squishy character into a tank using cards. It offers greater character customization with 6 presets so you never have to worry about creating a new loadout each time.

5. Mordhau

For  the fans of Lord’s of the rings, this is yours. Minus the magic and fantasy creatures. Just the old sword and spear is yours. Or maybe you can try archery, or go Spartan with the spear and shield. It’s all up to you. Mordhau is a first person melee game(yes melee not shooter). The only thing close to a gun is a bow. It’s fun and challenging at the same time. You can scream throughout the match by pressing V. You can play with AI, in a team or a battle royale of 64 players. Customize your armor and weapons and stab or shoot your way to victory.

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