The new Ghost recon game; breakpoint has got content creators, streamers, gamers and other game enthusiast excited. Ubisoft themselves leaked the game in their stores and premiered the game on a world presentation on May 9th. The game is to be released on 4th October this year for the Xbox one, PlayStation 4 and the PC. Strangely enough, Breakpoint won’t be available on steam but will be released as an epic store exclusive, this seems to be the direction a lot of companies are taking and the repercussions are a story for another day but today….let’s talk Breakpoint!


    You’re probably thinking right now that this is a sequel to wildlands, trust me Breakpoint is totally different, the game is set on an island in the south pacific named Aurora. Aurora has a variety of open world landscapes from barren deserts to arctic peaks. In Breakpoint you go against a group of rogue ghosts called The Wolves who have taken over Aurora and have advanced drone technology.


   The Breakpoint story can be played solo or in seamless co-op with a team of 4 players, those who want a more competitive experience can play the PVP mode which is new for the Ghost Recon franchise, however one downside of this new game is that there are no AI teammates and it requires an internet connection to be played. This has upset most Ghost Recon fans but …what you gonna do?


 The game is going to challenge both new players and veterans with more depth and new game mechanics such as prone blending, intelligent enemy AI and adaptive cover, this game’s core mechanic is survival, your health and stamina affects how you move and shoot and could be the difference between completing the objective and failing it.  All these mechanics are meant to hone individual skill and test how well you and your team mates synergize.


 Even with all of these new features one thing that really caught my attention were the game’s graphics. The landscapes and draw distances are breathtaking, the wildlife surrounding the player is both interactive and realistic creating an immersive experience for the gamer.

 I just can’t wait until the game is released… 4th October is beginning to feel like an eternity but then again what am I complaining about…. well for those Impatient gamers you can play wildlands to kill sometime or pre-order for the private beta.

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