Ever wondered how watching that favorite show, anime or just life in general would sound without sound?(Pun intended.)You may or may not have neglected the effect that music creates in every instance of life. Imagine waking up without the iconic sound of the cockrow or birds chirping? …Morning sounds as they are often referred to.

Now we understand that tastes in music are dynamic, and as such they vary across culture and among people. Here at Rookiepencil, you the reader are our primary consideration and so there is something for everyone!So let’s not bore you with the endless list of genres and theory, but a unified place to begin would be; The Legends!

Bob Marley


A true musical Genius and a source of inspiration to all, Bob Marley was a reggae musician whose distinctive style of songwriting and singing earned him a title along side some of the greatest musicians ever lived. Because of his great success, He was considered to be one of the Pioneers of Reggae music.

Michael Jackson


Michael Jackson! The all time King of Pop, Rock and Soul. Michael Jackson achieved what many people would call an impossible feat. After claiming worldwide fame and astounding all with his unique and creative dance moves, Michael went on to become a true Legend. In the span of his life and music career he received 13 Grammy awards, 39 Guinness World Records and the Lifetime Entertainment Award. Many believe we may never yet see such an impossible feat in this millennium.

Fela Kuti

Nigerian musician Femi Kuti performs on

Fela Anikupalo Kuti, simply known as Fela Kuti, was a Nigerian multi-instrumentalist who enthralled all with his virtuosity on the saxophone, keyboard, guitar and drums. His fast paced and upbeat style of Afrobeat music quickly made him rise above his peers. He is considered a true African Legend, as he was not only a musician but a writer/composer and a human rights activist.

Billy Preston


Billy Preston was an American Jazz pianist who started playing at 3 years old. Billy Preston was a self taught pianist and he mastered some of the difficult piano styles; namely the 12 bar blues and the boogie woogie. Billy gained recognition throughout his music career and featured with the likes of the Beatles and Ray Charles. His playing style was so versatile that his works encompassed genres like Rock, Pop, Funk, Soul, RnB as well as Gospel.

Tupac Shakur


Tupac Amuru Shakur, simply known as 2pac or Tupac was a Black American rapper and visionary. The talented rappers’ claim to fame was through his music, as he tackled pertinent issues facing the black american youth through his songs. He quickly rose to fame within the black communities and is noted till this day for popularizing the gangster rap aesthetic.






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