Apple’s Siri or Google Assistant? Which smart companion do you prefer? Difficult to decide when there are so many reviews and comparisons flooding the internet, huh?

Ever wanted to know the purpose of your life? Is it possible that one day AI’s would be able to satisfactorily answer this question. Since antiquity man has been philosophizing, making meaning of this world and exploring it through art, observation and the sheer power of his imagination but now is technology robbing him of that?

Technology has obviously had a major impact on how we live. There are basically apps for everything and Google makes information so accessible but with every passing day technology’s peculiar and subtle downside continues to become more obvious, it’s limiting nature.

The irony is that the same tools that have allowed man to reach the moon and connect the planet may now be robbing him of his most powerful attribute, his ability to adapt!


” our best friend may have just become our worst enemy.”


Society’s dependence on tech is at an all time high, and this dependence may be humanity’s greatest weakness. Technology has essentially eliminated many of the problems we faced in the past, problems that forced men to be creative and surpass their limitations but now it’s easy to just lazily move on once some web app does the job and yes it helps productivity but it inevitably cripples us.


It essentially means when that webapp is not there that job becomes immensely difficult and in worse cases does not get done,  then we have the issues of digital-overload and social media addiction. Many young people now lose themselves to their mobile devices, essentially robbing themselves of real lie experiences.


This might be humanity’s greatest challenge. In essence our best friend may have just become our worst enemy ….or has he? If the proponents of Transhumanism are to be taken seriously it might provide an escape from the current situation but what’s to say that won’t just make things worse?

In the end it may not be all doom and gloom because despite everything it will be quite erroneous to count humanity out, who knows maybe we’ll develop the technology that deals with technology’s apparent flaw….but then come to think of it that really wouldn’t help the situation or would it?



  1. A.I should have nothing with my future. A.I runs on current data.And many things can happen in people’s life,unexpected human factors, i don’t think any A.I can predict my future.

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    1. but essentially the inevitable truth is patterns are real, the results cannot be disputed. AI has been able to demonstrate impeccable accuracy in some cases obviously it’s not perfect but it’s difficult to imagine it won’t continue to improve with time. For all intensive purposes…maybe it can

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  2. This article is perfect
    Tells te some negative and hidden facts about technology
    Technology in other senses destroy our creativity and also makes us lazy
    This article is very cool

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  3. Technological unemployment, jobs lost due to the introduction of technology is also on the rise.
    The impact of technology on our life is integrating rapidly. This technology expansion has raised the concern that it can replace various jobs of the unskilled employ that are not much aware with the recent technological changes. We find ourselves chasing technology at the end of the day

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    1. I can’t over empathize the validity of your assertions, Michael. You’ve made a dystopian claim about Technology, and, Indeed, it is. Technology’s sole dependance on past statistical data, lacking heuristical and ethnical judgments, over reliance on technology would be a shame. It’s obvious it can’t accurately describe the future. Hence the call for consciousness.


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