Watchdogs 2 released in 2016 was a huge hit and by the looks of things saying the same for Legion might be an understatement! Legion was announced at this year’s E3 … and man are we in for it!!!


The game is set in a reimagined London with a tyrannical government in authority. The residents of the city are fed up and decide to fight back. You get to play as DedSec members and can recruit traditional Non-Playable Characters (NPC’s) and make them playable. You can recruit more hackers, gangsters, ex-Mi6 agents and quite frankly whatever else you want.

Each character you recruit has a unique set of skills such as, increased damage when using turrets, 50% non-lethal damage and the likes but there are also some negatives like reduced resistance to bullet damage and spending some extra time in the slammer. So, you got to make your recruiting choices wisely. You can also unlock permanent perks when the character reaches a certain level.


There are three character classes. You have the Hacker who are great with tech. They can hack stuff around to take down their targets. The Enforcer class are the tough guys who deal lots of damage and can take hits and the Infiltrators who are as their name implies are the best at breaking into places. They hack the optic nerve tech people wear and make themselves invisible. These are unlocked as you recruit people to join your ranks. You can assign any of these roles to them based on their skills

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Watchdogs: Legion has received a massive graphics overhaul. Its open world looks stunning and the fight scenes are great. It’s set to be released on the 6th of March, 2020 for PC, Xbox One, PS 4 and the Google Stadia. It does not require an internet connection to play except on the Google Stadia which needs a 25mbps bandwidth to play on 1080p. It is definitely a rad take on things but then again it’s watchdogs…what were we expecting?

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