LOL GH is a Ghanaian comic studio and animation firm. For years now they have amused audiences with their hilarious content, steadily building themselves as a brand and making efforts to become Africa’s biggest animation studio.

As part of a growing movement of creatives working hard to put African animation on the map, Ghanaian animation to be precise, LOL GH have had quite some success. Their shorts are some of the most recognized skits in the country. They recently released their latest video SCUM II which quite frankly did not disappoint at all.

credit: LOLGH

LOL perhaps are the perfect poster boy for Ghanaian animation as it is. Characterized by fairly simple drawings and not too flashy scenes their work focuses on the small and sometimes unappreciated novelties of Ghanaian society. S.C.U.M II is no different!

credit: LOLGH

Okay I will admit this time they may have taken it up a notch but they still maintained that air of amusement that has come to characterize Ghanaian animation. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, in fact it does not take itself seriously at all but that is what adds to the appeal.The work they do really is quite amazing. It’s a wonderful thing they are doing, telling real stories in a fun and engaging manner but then again what is animation all about?



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