Dauntless is finally here and I have to say, this game looks promising as hell. Dauntless is a free-to-play Monster Hunter like ARPG developed by Phoenix Labs. The game just came out of open Beta a few days ago and has already hit 5 million players worldwide, YES 5 million players.

The huge player base has a lot to do with the fact that the game was released on all platforms (Except Nintendo switch which will be released later) and has cross-play making it easier to cause mayhem with friends!

           The game was inspired by Monster Hunter but has more emphasis on Co-op even though you can play solo. The game is set in the Shattered Isles a fictional world sprawling with deadly monstrosities called Behemoths, your mission?… take them out!

Dauntless has the features of the typical RPG with a variety of weapons which all belong to different classes, this coupled with a number of magical abilities allow you to choose a skill-set that suits your style. 


The Behemoths come in all shapes and sizes also personifying all manner of challenges yet burdened with their own peculiar weaknesses… it has this Dead Souls feel in it but waaaaay easier

A Behemoth can prove quite daunting or pathetic depending on the kind of gear you’ve got. Weapons and equipment are usually gained after defeating a Behemoth…so saddle up…  the game is quite customizable , allowing you to put you own unique spin on characters and weaponry!

    Aside from a few glitches here and there and the fact that the game servers are essentially been worked to death, there are very few complaints surrounding the game. The few issues discovered are well on their way to been fixed and of course a lot is going into expanding capacity to cater for the games horrendous player base. In the end it’s a game that just can’t be daunted!

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