Well, another season of anime is right around the corner, which means a couple of good shows are coming to an end. To help cope with the void that will be left by shows like one punch man and the wise man’s grandson, here’s a list of anime that are soon to make they’re debut!


If you are a fan of adventure & shounen, Dr. Stone is the show for you. The series is set in a post apocalyptic world where all life on Earth turned to stone after a mysterious explosion that spread around the planet. It follows two young boys named Taiju and Senku on their quest to rebuild the human society from scratch using science. The manga currently has 111 chapters for those who want to get into the series early, but the anime starts airing on July 5th. You can watch the trailer below


Scheduled for release 5th of July, Fire Force is a highly anticipated title. Humanity is threatened by an epidemic that transforms everyday people into Infernals, combustible beings that cause havoc and destruction. The fire force is the first and last line of defense against them. A typical shonen anime Fire force looks like something that may just keep us entertained for a while!



Based on the light novel & manga of the same name, this series is your typical Isekai show. Overpowerd MC, cute heroines, adventuring, guilds, its got it all. The series follows Taichi and Rin, students who are teleported to another world in which magic and other fantasy elements exist. In typical Isekai fashion they are both found to have both shocking talent with magic and overpowered abilities. It is basically a story about finding a way back home and having fun along the way. It starts on July 10th.

We hope you liked our list, are there any we failed to mention? Tell us in the comments, we would love to hear from you!




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