Anime is awesome, there’s no two ways about that especially for it’s die-hard fans. Most people often neglect the significance of the opening sequence,however here’s something I bet you didn’t know.

The music in the OP actually serves as a highlight of the main show, and then actually leaves an imprint in your subconscious,  as music typically tends to do. 

When you really like the show you’re watching, you are actually triggered by the OP before the main content. But hey, there are still those who skip right through it and start watching. Pause and feel the music will you? Alright,Let’s get to it!

1.Black Rover-Black Clover OP3

Produced by J pop singer and song writer Vickeblanka, Black Rover is a fast paced song with a rock style feel to it. 

2.Unravel-Tokyo Ghoul OP 1

Unravel is a classic piece from TK a member from the band Ling Tosite Sigure. It’s style has a taste of modern rock with a blend of classical piano.

3.Silhouette-Naruto Shippuden OP 16

Performed by rock band KANA BOON and also translated into english to be performed by Per Fredrik Åsly, Silhouette is an iconic piece of music from the Naruto anime franchise. The song features elements of the classic rock genre with loud guitars and drums, with accents of a blues scale progression.


4.The World-Death Note OP1

Ahh Death note, the classic tale of justice and cunning. The yet again fast paced OP, which is actually a fan favourite is of the rock genre created by the band Nightmare.

5.Guren no yumiya-Shingeki No Kyojin(Attack on Titan)

Last but not the least, we have Guren no Yumiya from Linked Horizon. This musical piece is a combination of classical music infused with rock.

So there you have it readers. The 5 best anime openings. Kindly note that tastes in music varies and as such the list is by no means exhaustive. Thanks for your time!



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