Today there are tons of games out there,  and gaming has never been more popular. The likes of Mortal Kombat and Call of duty are now known globally but for the likes Pengu and Faker, these aren’t just ‘games’ they are a sport and a source of livelihood.

              Most people find it shocking that anyone would even consider gaming to be a sport but gamers and streamers who play on the highest level have something different to say.

 Electronic sport more commonly known as Esport has become increasingly popular, 100 of thousands of people gather to watch gaming tournaments and the sport has even been able to generate prize pools in excess of a million US dollars.

This at the very least indicates Esport has a legitimate industry and this is due to the fact that gaming isn’t just something we do during leisure hours but in essence has birthed a culture!

             I know you’re probably thinking, who in their right mind would pay someone to sit down and play a game for a few hours? but trust me the mental and physical effort that one needs for Esports is mind blowing.

Whether it’s an octane paced game like Call of Duty Black Ops 4 or a slow tactical game like Rainbow Six, peak performance is needed and that requires lightning-fast reflexes, spatial intelligence, the ability to adapt and almost flawless eye to hand coordination. Those are just a few things you need to get down before you can make it on the world stage.

  Gaming is now even considered a career as there are schools granting scholarships and teams ready to sign anyone who has the skill or potentials. Try considering a career in pro gaming. It’s hard as hell to enter but hey, NO GUTS NO GLORY.

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