Africa in recent times has seen an explosion in creativity, more recently the efforts been invested by young, energetic and innovative people all over the continent have begun to bear fruit!

African animation has steadily been growing, doing well to overcome the various barriers it’s been faced with so far, and continues to do so thanks to the hard work  put in by it’s creatives and those who have been kind enough to support.

At the forefront of it’s success are usually self taught and self built animation studios who have braved the odds and in spectacular fashion and had varying degrees of success. Here are four of such studios you need to know!



Alula is a CGI animation studio based in Harare the capital of  Zimbabwe. Alula are noted for their work in 3D animation. A lot of their effort has gone into ads and commercials which they are usually contracted to produce. They’re yet to put something out there themselves but we’ll continue to keep an eye out for them.



The Ghana based studio has gained some notoriety for it ridiculously hilarious animations and comic strips. Known for their trademark simple almost stick figure art form and a tendency to dramatize anything and everything, it should come as no surprise we secured a spot for them on our list.


maxresdefault (2)

Anthill studio are a Nigerian based studio that are most certainly making everyone proud. Their work in 3D has simply been amazing and ever since their debut they have continued to wow fans.

The studio was recently contracted by Youneek studios to help develop an animated series for their hit comic Malika. All indicators show that they are well on their way to making history.



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