We all like to compete. Sports, debate you name it. It is only natural for people to try to outplay and outwit each other but for gamers and game enthusiast it’s not just a part of life, it’s a way of life, especially when you seek to hold the much coveted title of Pro gamer!


you watch the Counter Strike Global Offensive (CSGO) tournaments and are blown away by Shroud’s inhumanely accurate aim, you stream the Rainbow Six pro league and your heart races as you see Nesk clutch a 1 V 5 flawlessly. We yearn to play like them and reach the highest levels of competitive play, then the reality hits you. You’re in Africa!

Its common knowledge that compared to other places like Europe and America, E-sports and gaming in Africa has not received much attention. It is unfortunate but within the African demographic,  the baby boomers and some millennials …too many to be honest…consider gaming to be a colossal waste of time at worst and a way to blow off steam at best.


There are little to no data centers in Africa for online gaming and the cost of gaming alone has severely undermined E-sports on the continent. In essence the future of E-sports in Africa seems quite bleak but that could not be further from the truth.

In Ghana companies like Leti Arts, Antrix Gaming and Game Nerd Inc have done amazing work. Tournaments are been organized giving local gamers the opportunity to battle it out for Supremacy and communities are been built paving way for interaction and networking among enthusiasts and players.

The TV service Kwese Sports has signed a contract with the leading E-sports company; ESL. This contract is going to give Kwese sports rights to share and use ESL content and host gaming events all around Africa.

Red Bull announced a CSGO tournament in South Africa with a prize pool of 1 million rand, there are multiple gaming leagues springing up across Africa like the African Rainbow Six tournament.

These may all seem like small stuff but trust me these are huge wins for Africa, and shows that E-sports has a future on the continent. It is very much possible to go pro on the continent and though it certainly may not be easy,  now may very well be the best time!

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