We’ve all heard of and may have played games under the genre tactical shooter, from CSGO to Rainbow Six. Each game testing us with mind wracking challenges and demanding feats of almost inhuman precision.

Project Boundary is a new game that falls under the category of tactical shooter and it comes with a twist , it’s an entirely zero gravity experience, yeah you heard me right, the game takes place in space.

   Project Boundary is the new first person shooter being developed by a 14-person indie team called Surgical scalpels and created for the PS4 and Windows PC.

The game puts you in the shoes of military contractors that ride round in weaponized spaced suits and are strapped up with crazy futuristic firepower, movement in space is powered by extravehicular backpacks which allow players to accelerate and decelerate with pressurized jets of gas.

  Some of the backpacks have full armor making movement kinda slow whiles others have less amour allowing players to move at high speed. Each player has the option of choosing specific backpacks, weapon load-outs and perks to create the perfect team. There are various modes to play around with, free for all, team death match, orbital perch etc, which can be played across a variety of maps to all to incorporate quick and aggressive game-play

Up until now very little is known about the game, but there is going to be full reveal at Gamescom in August. The mere novelty of this experience is enough to make any gamer anxious and we at Rookiepencil are no exception!

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