The mantle of Black panther is a much coveted one. For generations the Black Panther has been Wakanda’s King and protector, facing off against some of the greatest evils known to man.

T’challa is by far the most popular among the panthers and some would argue the greatest, but before and even after him there were those who shouldered the immense responsibility that came with the title and as such here are four black panthers you MUST KNOW!  



“I see a great and new Wakanda — the nation of my sons and their sons after them”

T’chaka was the Father and direct predecessor to T’challa.  After the discovery of Vibranium, knowing well that others would try to covet the precious resource to the detriment of his people he concealed Wakanda as a nation.

In order to save T’challa, he would die at the hands of Klaw a dutch scientist who wished to exploit Wakanda but not before leaving Wakanda a great and powerful nation ready to take on whatever the world had in store for it.


“In time, you will represent to your nation what the Black Panther represents  to Wakanda”

Azurri was the Father to T’chaka and consequently the grandfather of T’challa. He was Black Panther at the height of the second world war and even squared off against captain America in single combat.

As Black Panther with the aid of Captain America, he successfully starved off a Nazi German invasion of Wakanda. Hailed as Azurri the wise, he was a king and warrior truly deserving of the title Black Panther.


“Make ready your armies general, Wakanda is going to war”

Many know Shuri for her technological genius. Daughter to T’Chaka and his second wife Ramonda, Shuri is princess and heir to the throne. When T’Challa is attacked by Dr Doom’s forces and rendered into a comatose state, Shuri takes up the mantle after he awakens and attempts to recover from his injuries.

She reigned at the height of the Atlantis/Wakanda conflict and dealt Namor a crippling blow ordering an attack on Atlantis that left the city in ruins while a distracted Namor celebrated a fabricated peace with T’Challa. Like her brother, Father and Grandfather she protects Wakanda with a ferocity and resolve that would make any enemy think twice.


black pnt i
“all accounted for and Assembled.”

The first Black Panther, he was an early human who discovered a vibranium meteor and unlocked it’s secrets. Along side Odin, and other supernaturally augmented humans he battled and defeated a rampaging Celestial that threatened to destroy the planet. Little is known about him, but that doesn’t really matter. What does matter is the Legacy he created, a Legacy of Kings, Warriors and innovation, a Legacy that is the Black Panther.


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