We all know and love the knuckle headed Asta. Since Black Clover started airing it’s been quite a ride, but despite it’s success there have been a few issues that have plagued the show and the unfortunate truth is if these issues are not handled properly a severe drop in quality might just be awaiting the anime in the near future. 

The anime got off to an “okay” start and has since then gained steady momentum. It has managed to navigate treacherous terrain and is still standing standing strong much like it’s young protagonist, but it’s not unheard of for things to change so drastically for an anime and despite it’s impressive standing at the moment Black Clover is not out of the woods.

The anime was originally intended to run for 51 episodes from October 2017 to September 2018 and would adapt a chapter per episode, which was reasonable given the available source material .

It wasn’t until around the fifteenth episode that Studio Pierrot decided to change tactics and adapt two manga chapters per episode, this decision did help the anime in it’s earlier days but then shortly after the end of the first season, it was announced that season 2 would start airing a week after.

This decision obviously put a lot of pressure on the animators and this manifested in some pretty lack luster animation . The studio also tends to undermine certain moments from the manga by making them seem more comedic than they were originally intended to be; take for example, the volcano scene with both Asta and Mereleona.

That scene was meant to show just how powerful and deep Mereleona’s magic reserves are when compared to the kingdom’s best but was undercut by both crappy background music and animation.

The fact that the studio hasn’t taken even a week off is so detrimental to the show it ruins fights that are meant to be big and dramatic as they are made so badly that its unappealing and actually hurts to watch….Ahem…. episode sixty three anyone?…...

The show could simply have combated this problem by following a seasonal airing style of one or maybe two cours a year, this would have improved the overall quality of the show and given the studio a lot more breathing time.

And then there is the current arc. All indicators point to the show catching up with the manga soon and with that been the case what we are likely to see is a ridiculous amount of filler and pacing that would lead anyone to a painful boredom induced death…dragon ball style.

It’s going to be interesting seeing how Pierrot deals with this one but if things now are any indication, it’s not looking pretty at all.


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