House of X is shaping out to be quite the title indeed, since it started it’s run earlier this year its been twist upon twist but today we simply want to discuss what went down in #5.

Its been sometime since Charles returned from the dead, since then he was quiet for quite sometime, but he’s recently started making moves and boy are those moves big!

After seemingly giving up on his dream for peaceful coexistence between humans and mutants Charles’ actions have become increasingly unsettling. He recently established the mutant nation of Krakoa and had no qualms with Emma Frost using telepathy to influence a UN vote to recognize Krakoa’s sovereignty.

credit: marvel comics

What is more unnerving is the fact that he is making allies of former foes including the likes of Mr Sinister and Apocalypse. Even Magneto is not comfortable with it, quite frankly only a mad man would, but of course some would translate this as him still subtly trying to push forward his agenda of peace when the actual truth is, getting a guy like Apocalypse on your side is the kind of move you make before a war!

credit: marvel comics

The way things are going a war might be inevitable. Wakanda and it’s protectorates voted against Krakoa been recognized and should it get out that the vote was compromised that would indeed be quite a mess.

What’s really got everyone unsettled is how settled Apocalypse is. He seems happy and even states to Charles and the entire gathering  “you have finally become what I intended you to be”. The bottom line is , if Apocalypse is happy…

credit: marvel comics

  we are all in for trouble!




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