WB Games montreal recently teased the development of a new Batman game and as things stand now, it seems we are going to be seeing a lot from the court of owls.So who are the court of owls?let’s find out!


The court of owls were an ancient organization that controlled Gotham from the shadows for centuries. They possessed a breed of assassins called Talons whom they employed to do their dirty work.


The court was headed by some of the most powerful and influential people in Gotham and are in fact a branch of a worldwide organization called the Parliament of owls. The parliament also descended from a more ancient organization known as the Tribe of Judas.


The order has had one purpose since it’s founding, to bring forth the being who would come to be known as the Batman who laughs. In return they would rule the world alongside Barbatos, the bat god worshiped by the tribe of Judas.



The organization was however betrayed when the robins of Batman who laughs  murdered their leaders and seemingly destroyed them. Despite been nearly wiped out some remnants of the court remain …. scheming, plotting and planning their return.

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