Naomi has a life some millennials would envy! Raised by adopted parents, by the time the story begins Naomi has lived most of her life not knowing where she comes from.

It is soon revealed that her adopted father was a soldier in the Rann/Thanagar conflict and not just him but the town mechanic Dee who at the beginning she seems to have some link with.


As the story progresses we discover that she’s actually from a parallel earth, a place where the ozone layer deteriorated to the point where it could no longer prevent radiation from bombarding the earth. This resulted in some random few getting powers among them were Naomi’s parents.

It is then revealed that she was sent to this earth out of necessity, one of the few to receive powers was the psychopathic Zumbado, a being who would eventually thrust the rest of his world into ruin and kill Naomi’s parents for getting in his way.


When her activating her abilities enables him to find her, it becomes all too clear he’s going to be trouble for her in the days to come and despite the fact that this time the day was saved by a friend of her parents, Akira , it is brutally obvious that there will be a time when she will have to face Zumbado once more.

All in all it’s a pretty neat story from Dc comics’ Wonder imprint. Naomi brings something refreshing, something we have not seen in a while. Since the days of Icon, black lightning , black Panther and Static Shock original black comic book characters have not been that easy to come by.

A lot of them have been legacy characters of some sort, the likes of Miles Morales, Jon Stewart and Riri Williams come to mind, then there has been the issue of color-swapping where we’ve had the likes of Wally west and at a certain point to a certain extent Captain America becoming black.


This I’ve always felt has made it difficult for these characters to truly stand out and carve their own path in the way the likes of Black Panther and Vixen did. Naomi genuinely has a shot at doing but a lot remains to be seen.

Then again in this era of black everything perhaps it was inevitable but whatever the case may be, I like the character and I think she shows a ton of promise!


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