Nintendo, like every other game company has played a significant role in the game development industry, from their flagship characters and unique game design, Nintendo has wowed thier fans time and time again.

Mario Kart Tour was recently released by Nintendo for IOS and Android, and honestly the game has been a bit of a disappointment. The hype and expectation before the release on September 25 2019 was massive, but definitely not worth it.


Majority of Legacy gamers, retro gamers and newbies alike were expecting a feel of the initial MarioKart experience first released in 1992, and the same trend that followed on the Nintendo DS in 2005, and the Nintendo Wii in 2008.

Now if you’ve ever played Mario Kart on any of these platforms you would know what die hard fans would really expect from the game. The rush, excitement, thrill and more. That is not what we got.

What Nintendo delivered:

1. Bad Controls

The release of the game on mobile platform had fans riled up about the touch controls, reason being majority were expecting Nintendo to deliver the generic feel that the game offered initially with the console and with the physical buttons that came with them. Users said the controls were anti-intuitive and it was quite difficult to control the karts in the very least.

2. Lag times

 Users complained about launching the game initially, only for it to load and then begin, and start the process again-often interrupting gameplay. This was probably due to the overloading of the game servers worldwide, as the anticipation of the game got fans everywhere on edge.

3. Lack of a Multiplayer Mode

Seriously Nintendo? A great part of the much awaited Mario Kart tour was the opportunity to dominate friends and fellow gamers in races and other battles offered in the multiplayer section of the game. However, this was not the case, for some reason Nintendo figured they did not need to add it, why? we will never know!




4. Pricey In App purchases and Microtransactions 

The addition of the Gold pass in game going for $4.99 is a bit on the high side. This Gold pass is essentially Nintendo’s monetization strategy to enable gamers to receive in game awards and benefits at a monthly fee. This price is subject to change though, but honestly it’s all up to you the user to decide.


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