So in recent years webtoons have become pretty popular and don’t get me wrong there are tons of great ones out there, but there’s one that doesn’t seem to be getting the recognition it deserves.


Urban animal just entered it’s second season and picking up where the first one left off it continues to be an awesome ride. The webtoon follows the adventures of Joe Gomez, a chimera….people with the ability to turn into animals or monsters….

From the beginning it has always been a story that goes straight to the point, not much in the way of filler and as expected of a webtoon always keeping you hooked.



Things seem to be really taking off now as last season ended with a reveal that was simply mind boggling but in all honesty kind of expected for those of us who were paying close attention.



What really makes Urban animal stand out to me for one is it’s mesmerizing art, simplistic but effective and it’s simply genius use of color to really set the tone. The characters are also been built up quite nicely every chapter adding a layer of depth to them.

In the end what really makes it endearing is the nostalgia it sometimes invokes, reminding you of those Saturday kids drama animated series that got you pumped. Fantastical in every sense of the word, its a story you should definitely give a chance.

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