After years of watching these characters kick ass it was quite painful for many to see them go out. It is always difficult to see a fan favorite meet his/ her demise but these 5 really yanked out our heart strings. This is our take on the 5 most heart wrenching deaths in the MCU.



When two people are willing to kick the crap out of each other just to make sure the other does not sacrifice himself/herself for the cause, you can’t help but feel for both of them. When the search for the soul stone leads them to Vomir, Hawkeye and Black Widow discover that a soul is required in exchange for a soul.

After a little skirmish, Black widow gains the upper-hand successfully sacrificing herself for the cause. I don’t care who you are but after a scene like that you’ve got to feel something.




Killmonger was a badass in life and even at the point of death. Strong willed and determined it was apparent that his anger and resentment would be his undoing. It was only unfortunate that it had to end with him dying.

A warrior through and through he took his own life after suffering defeat at the hands of T’challa, taking charge of his destiny and dying a King, not a prisoner!




Loki’s death was one of the most heartfelt in the entirety of the MCU. The impact it would have on Thor and it’s sheer novelty made it impossible for it to go unnoticed. After what?…centuries of mischief and villainy it was quite painful to see him go out trying to get the drop on Thanos, of course a lot of us hoped that the trickster god had managed to play the Titan but it seems …..unfortunately…..he’s gone for good!




Now I don’t care how stone-hearted you are, but if even Thanos shed a tear who do you think you are? The manner in which Gamora’s death humanized the most deadly being in the entire universe was moving in the very least!



ironmanWe are sure you saw this one coming…. of course who else would take number one. Tony’s death after years of well….been Tony Stark was something else. Going down a hero, champion and Avenger his death was most fitting of the description heart-wrenching!

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