Anime is filled with all sorts of characters, some we could care less about and others who tend to mean a lot to us. This is our take on the top 5 saddest deaths in anime!



Oh Koro Sensei (T-T), we knew it was coming, but that doesn’t make it hurt any less. Having such a wonderful character, mentor, teacher or whatever you wanna call him leave the land of the living in such an emotional way was something very difficult for fans. His sarcasm and wit endeared him to many thus it should be no surprise he’s got a spot on this list.



Ah the genius himself. L is the kinda character that can make you watch a series and think “Hey why isn’t he the main character”. A young genius detective, L is the only person that managed to rival and sometimes one-up our MC, Light “Kira” Yagami.

As an astounding detective he was the person who got a clear view of Kira’s personality and background from looking at only a few of his early crimes. A shame that such an amazing character had to go down before the finale but man, did he get our hearts racing.



“The king of chess” as some people in the fandom refer to him, Lelouch is the very embodiment of brains, and is a master tactician. After taking down the greatest empire the world had ever seen, he sealed the deal with his own assassination finally uniting the world and ending global conflict. His sacrifice, resolve and determination will forever inspire fans everywhere!



popularly known as “Fire Fist Ace”, he is Luffy’s foster brother who is quick to anger but is overprotective of those he cares about, this eventually leads to his death. While sacrificing himself to save Luffy his final words were about his only regret: him not been there when Luffy accomplishes his dream. I mean, you can’t blame people for crying right……right?



“Man,….what am I gonna do now that he’s gone”, I know a lot of people who said this after Jiraiya died. Kishimoto why (T-T).  The death of this legendary sage is an event that scarred, and up till today, still scars fans of the series. It was explained as a way to help Naruto mature, but we can’t help but feel so sad when we remember his final moments and that smile he kept on his face.

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