The much anticipated Malika Warrior Queen has been a stunning success. Sweeping numerous awards and inspiring fans everywhere, it has definitely made it’s mark. Initially released for it’s Kickstarter backers and then subsequently aired at various comic and film festivals the animated short has been nothing short of spectacular.

Numerous fans have been eager to see it and they are finally going to get the opportunity to on the 15th of this month, but before we get into that let’s get you up to speed. Malika initially started as a comic under the youneek Banner, even then it was quite the success, gaining quite a bit of attention and adding another layer to Youneek Studio’s shared universe.


In 2018 Youneek announced that they would be working with the animation studio Anthill to produce a Malika animated feature. It did not take too long before fans received even more good news with Youneek revealing that some well decorated Nollywood actors would be taking up voice roles in the feature.


Among them was Adesua Etomi-Wellington who would voice Malika herself. Fast forward after the release Malika exceeded all expectations, even winning Best Animated Short at the Los Angeles Film Festival.

After a largely successful pilot screening at the Lagos Comic Convention, fans were elated to hear Youneek announce the date for Malika’s youtube premiere. Scheduled on the 15th of this month it’s definitely cause for excitement. Especially for those yet to see the film.

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