The flash recently revealed this season’s villain Bloodwork and as his name implies …..well yea he’s got a thing for blood, but who is he? and what’s his deal? Let’s find out!

Making his first full appearance in #31 of the Flash Volume 5 Bloodwork was Ramsey Russo, a coroner for the Central city Police department. Born a Hemophiliac he was forced to live a life without risk.


As a child he was unable to play like most kids and as he grew he came to despise his condition.When he became a coroner he began experimenting with blood from meta-humans , stealing test samples from the crime lab.


He would then make himself indestructible and literally unable to bleed. When he’s confronted by the Flash for stealing evidence, he attacks revealing a side effect of his experimentation, his ability to control blood.

He would go on to battle the flash threatening to kill all the citizens of Central city, allowing his fear of getting hurt to get out of control. It would take Barry reaching out and eventually zapping him into the inability to use his powers to finally stop him.

He’s definitely the type to cause trouble, thing is the comics never treated him as a big bad of the sort. It’s going to be great seeing the CW’s spin on him!


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