Kimetsu No Yaiba or as you probably know it Demon Slayer, gained mass following when it got adapted into an anime. You must have seen or heard about it by now, it’s not news that it’s been a smash hit but why does everyone love it so much?



Demon slayer just looks different, it’s extremely detailed and well developed art serves it well making it easy to identify and preventing it from seeming generic. Once you see it, you know it. The dark theming also does well to add to its intrigue, once you see it you know it’s something special.



The crew at Ufotable know their stuff. Simply put, they’ve been killing it since day one. Demon Slayer sees the rendering of the characters in coordination with the landscapes-  both the characters and their environment are in motion at the same time. 

There is added photgraphic effects with views from multiple angles as battles ensue.To truly get what I’m talking about, kindly check out episode 19, in Tanjiro’s fight versus Rui. Thank me later.



As seen with many anime titles, the storyline is an integral part that holds the interest of the viewer. Unfortunately Anime tends to have a dry spell in which nothing really happens and the episodes are filled with flashbacks(fillers).

Demon Slayer has a slow progression in the first three episodes and quickly makes up for this as the show carries on. The main character, Tanjiro is a boy whose entire family has been murdered by a demon, leaving only his sister Nezuko who has transitioned into one. He therefore sets out to find a cure for his sister and kill the demon who turned her into one and murdered his family.



Demon Slayers first season was a mere 26 episodes, 26 episodes done right, straight to the point with no flip flopping. Each episode advancing the story leaving very little in the way of filler. It was a blast, we just cannot wait for season 2!




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