Getting the most suitable laptop with a budget under 500 dollars can be a bit of a challenge, especially when you aim at getting a good spec machine , balancing between your budget and computer’s performance is definitely no easy feat and that’s why we’re here to help!


Signature Edition Lenovo High-Performance Business and Gaming Laptop – A Great Budget Gaming Computer

For gamers with a tight budget, we’ve got some good news for you. This laptop has a heavy duty CPU AMD FX-7500 quad-core processor that runs 2.1 GHz and may boost up to 3.3 GHz. This processor is fast and power efficient.

The DD3 RAM has a capacity with 16 GB that runs at 1600 MHz which makes it extremely fast to carry out tasks such as editing videos, music, and transferring data. The computer is also equipped with a graphics card, the AMD Radeon R7.

Acer Aspire E5-575G – Gaming, Video editing. HEAVY DUTY PICK(GPU BASED)

This is our pick for heavy duty laptop within budget, this just might be the one you are looking for if you are after a good GPU based machine that can live up to your expectations unless you have unrealistic goals for a unique gaming and video editing laptop.

This laptop consists of a 2.3 GHz 6th generation dual-core Intel i5 processor and 4 GB RAM preinstalled, Nvidia GTX 940M with 2 GB VRAM. Although it isn’t the most powerful GPU but it is definitely worth spending $470 on this piece.


The CPU of this particular system was specially designed by Intel to be used in tablets or Netbooks. It is known as the Intel Atom Processor. The specialty of this CPU is that it doesn’t overheat when detached from its accessory keyboard, unlike other tables.


Despite its Intel Pentium processor, this Acer feels snappy enough for undemanding use, this is of course thanks to Google’s lean Chrome OS.

Provided that the OS meets your functional needs, the Chromebook 514 provides a first-rate way to get things done without spending more than $399.55.

Bonus for under $700 you can get an effective balance between build quality, performance and lightweight.

 Dell Inspiron i5378- 2885GRY – 13.3 Inches of Full HD

This comes with 7th generation intel i5-7200U dual-core processor that runs at 3.1GHz. It also has a capacity worth 8 GB of 2400 MHz DDR4 RAM. Considering these two facts, this laptop is made for heavy-duty tasks.

The speedy processor coupling with immense space is a perfect combination for multitasking, video and music editing and similar activities. The laptop entirely consists of 1 TB HDD space capacity that enables users to store endlessly. The laptop works perfectly under hot and cold temperature preferences.

We hope we could be of help, stay with us for more intel on all things geeky and all things African!


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