Africa’s Superheroes is a series of blog posts focused on discovering and revealing the heroes and villains featured in the work of African creatives.

African comics are on a path of steady growth and each passing day spawns a new character, a new hero, a new warrior. Join us as we enter the exciting world of African comics and thrust into the spotlight, the heroes of tomorrow!

credit: Peda Comics

Meet Di Iche a.k.a the Naija Anomaly! A resident of the city of Lagos, Di Iche is a character that has great promise indeed.

From the minds at Peda, his story is just beginning with only one issue been released, but despite that it’s more than obvious he’s something special.

credit: Peda comics

When we first meet him he foils a pretty prototypical comic book bank robbery , but I think what makes him stand out is just how Nigerian he actually is! He feels real and natural, not over the top and the manner in which he dispatches six highly armed attackers is nothing short of Badass, but that is not all there is to him.

He has a pretty normal life living with his girlfriend, possibly his wife…still unspecified but most likely his girlfriend and seems to have his hands full hustling on the busy streets of Lagos.

credit: Peda comics

We are still not sure how he acquired his powers but everyone is suspecting something of a mystic nature. What we do know is that he has caught the attention of the most powerful people in the city possibly the country, the Kabal! A group that rules from the shadows.

credit: Peda comics

An epic tale in the making, Di Iche is definitely a character that promises to inspire and I for one simply cannot wait for this anomaly to shatter the minds of fans everywhere!

Di Iche is created and owned by the Nigerian based publisher Peda comics, find more exciting content at!


  1. Nice….I await your reviews on Saankafaman, Guardian Prime, Winemaker, Metalla, Metaiye knights, strikeguard, wrathhouse, jemba, eru, ireti, June xii, El3osba, Malika, lake of tears, umzingeli, a d many more.

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